"TIGGER" is our much loved Golden Retriever pup who has been a great hit with all framing customers and artists. The following description from Wikipedia pretty much sums him up - "Pooh's exuberant, less-than-responsible and trouble-making tiger friend. He loves to bounce, especially bouncing on others. He is full of energy, likes to have fun and is so overconfident that he thinks that any task is "what tiggers do best".

Tigger offering his emotional support to an artistic friend.

One of Tigger's main shop responsibilities is sleeping. We soon found out that only new noises startle him and if he has heard a noise once before - it's not new anymore.

More sleeping..........

and even more sleeping ......

Tigger loves pressing up against practically anything, and did I mention sleeping.

We love this image. It's captured pre-bark or at least pre noise and you can see the amount of energy, the preparation as the ears have to be back, the tail perfectly straight and all four paws planted before the puppy yap even emerges.

This time sleeping with his favourite toy nearby.

It's a hard life for a shop dog!